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It is the mission of the Complex Photonic Systems (COPS) chair to perform advanced research on propagation and emission of light in complex nanophotonic metamaterials. We investigate new physical concepts and develop state-of-the-art techniques. We study photonic band gap crystals, Anderson localization and diffusion of light, wavefront shaping, and related phenomena. Our curiosity driven research is of interest to industrial partners and provides enabling technology for applications in optical signal processing, lighting, medical and biophysical imaging. We train junior scientists with advanced technology and methodology in order to perform in multidisciplinary teams, and to successfully communicate to a broad audience.

COPS is guided by Willem Vos (chair holder, NWO-Vici recipient, Fellow of APS and OSA), Allard Mosk (NWO-Vidi, and ERC recipient), Pepijn Pinkse (NWO-Vici recipient), and Ad Lagendijk (NWO-Spinoza recipient, KNAW member). Part time affiliated senior-scientist is Bill Barnes (University of Exeter).

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Five recent highlights:

Focusing and scanning microscopy with propagating surface plasmons
Physical Review Letters (2013)

Non-invasive imaging through opaque scattering layers
Nature (2012)

Nanophotonic control of the Förster resonance energy transfer efficiency
Physical Review Letters (2012) 

Controlling waves in space and time for imaging and focusing in complex media 
Nature Photonics (2012)

Observation of sub-Bragg diffraction of waves in crystals
Physical Review Letters (2012)