Willem Vos celebrates 25th anniversary as civil servant

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9 Dec 2016

On December 9, 2016, COPS scientist Willem Vos celebrated his 25th anniversary as a civil servant in the Netherlands (a combination of positions at UT, AMOLF, and University of Amsterdam). The wonderful event was celebrated as a high tea party at the "gezellig" Theehuis Sprakel in het Bos. To grace the occasion, many joined in: family, friends, colleages from COPS and UT groups (LPNO guided by Klaus Boller), TNW staff, and the Utrecht LINX group (guided by Allard Mosk). Guests of honor were Prof. Thom Palstra, the new Rector Magnificus of the UT, and Prof. Hans Hilgenkamp, dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Highlights were speeches by Pepijn Pinkse and Hans Hilgenkamp about Willem's journey, and an infamous COPS "No-Mercy Production" to poke some fun at the laureate.