Sources and gain in photonic random media

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TitleSources and gain in photonic random media
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsR. G. S. El-Dardiry
Date Published06/2012
UniversityUniversiteit van Amsterdam
Thesis TypePhD
Keywordsrandom media

This thesis deals with the interaction between sources of electromagnetic radiation and
disordered photonic media. Three concepts arising from this interaction form its main
thread. In the first concept, the combination of multiple scattering media with amplification
of light by stimulated emission leads to random lasing. In the second concept, the excitation
of a localizing random medium by a source enables the excitation of multiple eigenstates
simultaneously. In the third concept, fluctuations in the local density of states influence
the output of an embedded light source.



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A. Lagendijk

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